"The Experience and Commitment Peralta Needs"

The Officially ENDORSED Candidate of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY 

  Meredith Brown for Peralta Trustee


The experience and committment 
Peralta needs.
Endorsed by the Democratic Party

Please Print Page and Mail with Contribution to Meredith for Peralta, 476 Third Street, Oakland, Ca 94607

Yes, I want to help elect Meredith Brown to the

Peralta Community Colleges Board of Trustees!

□ I endorse Meredith Brown Signature: _______________________________________

Enclosed is my contribution:

□ $100 □ $250 □ $500 □ $750 □ $1000 □ Other $_______________

□ I’d like to host a fundraiser for Meredith

□ I’d like to volunteer □ I’ll display a sign

We must have the information below to comply with state law*. Please print.

Name ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________________________________

Best Phone __________________________ Email ________________________________________________

Occupation ___________________________ Employer ___________________________________________

Please make checks payable to Meredith Brown for Peralta Trustee 2012

and mail to 476 3rd St. , Oakland, CA 94607

Contributions are not tax deductible.

*We cannot deposit your check unless your full name, address, occupation and employer are known.

FPPC ID#1351219 [email protected]